<strong>October Meeting - </strong> – Arachnids Around Us! Dr. Matt Bertone, entomologist and director of NCSU’s Plant Disease and Insect Clinic, will introduce us to both common and more cryptic arachnids in North Carolina, from giant spiders to minute mites.  Click on the above image to learn how to join our Zoom meeting. <strong>Always a Good Time to Bird</strong> Click the image above to learn about local birding places. <strong>Summer Tanagers are back</strong> - Click the image above to learn about local birding places. The Eastern Towhee is Wake Audubon's Bird of the Year for 2021. Click on the image above for more information about the Bird of the Year. <strong>Community Outreach and Conservation work</strong> –  We offer many opportunities to participate in community events and conservation projects. This photo is from the fall 2020 stream cleanup at Biltmore Hills..

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Wake Audubon is a chapter of Audubon NC and of the National Audubon Society. Located in Wake County, North Carolina, we have a membership of about 1,500 and hold monthly meetings, field trips, bird walks and other activities.



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