Raleigh Lights Out

Great news! Our petition to the Raleigh City Council and Raleigh staff has been heard! All of our volunteer hours have paid off. The City of Raleigh officially adopted a lights out policy for city buildings.

Here is the background information. We have temporarily suspending monitoring, but will probably resume next spring to see if the “lights out” policy has led to a decrease in the number of injured and dead birds seen during migration.  Starting in the fall of 2013, Wake Audubon has initiated our own “Lights Out” program to help prevent the needless deaths of migrating birds. It’s well known that millions upon millions of avian migrants are nocturnal travelers. These night flyers who navigate by the moon and stars encounter barriers to their destinations in the form of well lighted buildings in urban areas. The birds become confused by the artificial light and crash into buildings, causing senseless carnage.

Raleigh is no exception, which is where Wake Audubon’s “Lights Out” program will come into play. Volunteers are needed to survey downtown Raleigh looking for dead and injured birds, collecting those poor creatures for delivery to the Natural Science Museum, and recording the findings.

Contact our volunteer coordinator to join a survey team.